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sorry, we’ve sold out of issue 99 but you can still nab a copy from your nearest stockist – find yours here. plus, if you subscribe here before january 19th, you'll get our extra-special 100th issue delivered directly to your door!

we hope you’ve been doing some push-ups and squats (or at least have a forklift handy), because issue 99 is out in the world today, and it sure is a biggun. tucked inside our summer bumper issue you’ll find a set of four postcards designed by fotini tikkou, a make-it-yourself pennant kit featuring fun art from luke john matthew arnold, and of course, our humongous annual wall planner (hooray! smell you later, 2020!). then there’s all the rest: a chat with some lovely neighbours who share more than just a fleeting wave, and a guide to taking a roadtrip without blowing the bank or breaking down in the middle of woop woop. we delve into the science behind the feeling of hanger and meet a local lady having fun with eye make-up (spoiler: it involves one of your favourite childhood cereals). you’ll take a trip through some of australia’s raddest art deco pubs, be encouraged to make a mess while making art, and meet a few embroidery whizzes doing their own thing with a needle and thread. plus, there’s all the usual eye-catching visuals and chuckle-inducing real-life musings.

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