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Smith Journal volume twenty nine

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issue #29 australian on sale 3rd December 2018

well, if it isn’t a brand spanking new issue of smith journal, ready for the reading. inside volume 29 you’ll find a collection of car doors that positively reek of history (as well as booze and petrol fumes). it’s a high-octane story that begins with moonshine runners during prohibition and ends with steve mcqueen and a cat wearing sunglasses. needless to say, it takes a few twists and turns.

there’s a profile on an ‘antiquarian horologist’, which is one of the most unusual (and envy-inducing) trades we’ve ever encountered. this particular antiquarian horologist doesn’t just fix old clocks – she also tinkers with very early versions of robots. excuse us while we quit our day jobs.

we meet a spanish chicken farmer who became one of history’s greatest spies, learn why pirate radio is so big in argentina, and investigate the mysterious disappearance of half the world’s supply of moon rocks. we also chat with a melbourne scientist who’s worked out how to survive the zombie apocalypse, sip kentucky bourbon in a very out-of-place castle, try to fathom what bees know that we don’t, and read some poetry written by computers.

sound up your very sophisticated alley? go grab a copy now.

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