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frankie issue 96

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issue #96 australian on sale 1st June 2020

Hear ye, hear ye! Our bumper issue 96 is officially on sale in Australia, and it’s stuffed full of fun things to keep you connected with the folks you love. For starters, there’s a whole bunch of eye-catching notepaper, with matching DIY envelopes so you can shoot off some snail mail and make someone’s day. We’ve also included nifty tear-out conversation-starter cards, in case you need a little inspiration to get the chit-chat flowing. There’s a guide to being a good pen pal, and some science-backed facts on why it pays to be nice. Aside from all that, you’ll find an all-lady circus troupe flipping off double standards, a sourdough recipe with a chocolate-y twist, a guide to yarn in its many forms, and some ace fictional podcast suggestions (in case you’re a bit over listening to stuff about real life). Hoo boy! We’ve also jammed in all the usual chuckles, prettiness and curious reads – hope you like.

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